BILL NO. 24-001
Zoning Accessory Dwelling Units

Lead Sponsor:
Aaron Penman - District B
Jessica Boyle-Tsottles - District E| Dion F. Guthrie - District A
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Full Title:
AN ACT to repeal and reenact, with amendments, the definition of “accessory dwelling unit (ADU)”, in Section 267-4, Definitions, of Article I, General Provisions; and to repeal and reenact, with amendments, Subsection B(8) of Section 267-28, Temporary uses, of Article V, Supplementary Regulations, all of Part 1, Standards, of Chapter 267, Zoning, of the Harford County Code, as amended; to revise the definition of “accessory dwelling unit”; to allow an accessory dwelling unit to be either attached to or detached from the primary single detached dwelling unit; to remove the requirement that only a relative may occupy an accessory dwelling unit; and generally relating to zoning.
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