BILL NO. 23-026
Amendments to Zoning Code Sections 267-4 267-60 267-126-Warehouse

Lead Sponsor:
Council President Vincenti at the Request of the County Executive Robert G. Cassilly

Adopted on October 10, 2023
Law Date:
October 13, 2023
Effective Date:
December 12, 2023
Full Title:
AN ACT to add the definitions of “distribution and local delivery center”, “freight terminal”, and “warehousing” to Section 267-4, Definitions, of Article I, General Provisions, of Part 1, Standards; that Section 267-60, CI, LI and GI Industrial Districts, of Article VII, District Regulations by amending the purpose of the Light Industrial District and the General Industrial District in Subsection A as amended, and by adding additional general regulations in Subsection C(4)-(7) as amended; and to repeal and reenact, with amendments, Subsection B (3), Non-residential development, of Section 267-126, Adequate public facilities, of Article XV, Growth Management, of Part 2, Miscellaneous, all of Chapter 267, Zoning to clarify the public facility requirements that must be satisfied before issuance of permits and approvals; and by repealing and reenacting with amendments Permitted Uses Chart 19:20 and 19:21 by amending Permitted Uses Chart, Attachment 19:20, the “Freight terminal” row by deleting “freight terminal” as a permitted use in the B3 and LI use districts; and by amending Permitted Uses Chart Attachment 19:21 by deleting “Warehousing and wholesaling, processing and distribution and local delivery as a permitted use category, by adding a new permitted use category: “Warehousing, distribution and local delivery less than or equal to 150,000 square feet” and permitting such uses in the Village Business-VB, Business General-B3, Commercial Industrial-CI, Light Industrial LI and General Industrial GI use districts, and by adding a new permitted use category “warehousing, distribution and local delivery greater than 150,000 square feet and less than or equal to 250,000 square feet that shall be permitted only in CI, LI and GI use districts and only pursuant to the special conditions in Section 267-60C(4)(a)(4) in addition to all other applicable conditions under Chapter 267 Zoning as amended; all to read as follows and generally relating to zoning.