BILL NO. 22-020
Volunteer Fire Fighter Length of Service Award Program

Lead Sponsor:
Council President Vincenti at the Request of the County Executive Barry Glassman
Patrick S. Vincenti - Council President| Andre V. Johnson - District A| Anthony A.Giangiordano - District C| Chad R. Shrodes - District D| Robert S. Wagner - District E| Curtis L. Beulah - District F
Adopted on October 11, 2022
Law Date:
October 12, 2022
Effective Date:
December 12, 2022
Full Title:
AN ACT to repeal and reenact, with amendments, Section 28-1, Volunteer fire fighter length of service award program, Subsection B and Section 28-2, Service benefits, Subsection A, Subsection B and Subsection C of Article 1, Pensions, of Chapter 28, of the Harford County Code, as amended; to change the age of eligibility to receive benefits, and to adjust the benefit amount; and generally relating to Fire, Ambulance and Rescue Organizations.