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<br /> <br />COUNTY COUNCIL OF HARFORD COUNTY <br />AMENDED AGENDA <br />May 14, 2013 <br />PUBLIC HEARING 7 PM a. Bill 13-17 (Signs ) b. Resolution 11-13 (MEDAFF Loan - HP White Laboratory Inc.) <br /> LEGISLATIVE SESSION DAY 13-14 <br />7:30 PM 1. CALL TO ORDER 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 3. OPENING PRAYER – Council Member Shrodes 4. PRESENTATION OF PROCLAMATIONS 5. CITIZEN INPUT 6. CONSIDERATION OF PETITIONS AND APPLICATIONS 7. SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS 8. APPROVAL OF MINUTES a. Budget Work Sessions (April 23, 2013, April 25, 2013, April 30, 2013 and May 2, 2013) b. May 7, 2013 Board of Health Update c. LSD 13-13 (May 7, 2013) 9. INTRODUCTION AND CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTIONS a. Resolution No. 14-13 (Fiscal Year 2014 Property Tax Rate) b. Memorandums of Change to Resolution 13-13 (FY 2014 Capital Program) c. Resolution 15-13 (Maryland Firearms Safety Act of 2013) 10. INTRODUCTION OF BILLS a. Bill No. 13-25 (Public Notice Requirements) b. Bill No. 13-26 (Audit Advisory Board) c. Bill No. 13-27 (Preparation of Fiscal Notes) d. Bill No. 13-28 (Harford County Healthy Community Planning Board) e. Bill No. 13-29 (Zoning – Field Houses) 11. INTRODUCTION AND CONSIDERATION OF AMENDMENTS a. Amendments to Bill NO. 13-19 (Budget and Appropriation Ordinance) 12. CALL FOR FINAL READING OF BILLS 13. ENROLLMENT OF BILLS 14. UNFINISHED BUSINESS 15. NEW BUSINESS a. Council Budget Advisory Board Report b. Executive Appointments i. Advisory Board on Aging ii. Historic Preservation Commission iii. Harford County Public Library Board of Trustees iv. Local Management Board v. Commission on Veterans’ Affairs vi. Youth Commission 16. BUSINESS FROM THE PRESIDENT 17. BUSINESS FROM COUNCIL MEMBERS 18. COMMENTS FROM ATTENDING CITIZENS 19. ADJOURNMENT <br />NEXT LEGISLATIVE SESSION: May 21, 2013 <br />Council Chambers - 212 South Bond Street, Bel Air, MD 21014 <br />To request disability-related accommodations to participate in this meeting, please contact Jeannette Castronova at 410-638-3343 as soon as possible.