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r , <br />COUNTY COUNCIL, OF HARPORD C;OUN1'Y <br />1773 <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS - APRIL 21, 1987 ' <br />6:15 P.D1. - Agricultural Preservation District Petitions --- <br />(RObert Galbreath; C>'eorge D. Wilson, Jr.; Marvin M. <br />];i nkous; lla r.Pord Game (i.mi tcd R;r tnership; Arthur Preston) <br />6:30 P.M. - Route 40-Joppa Sewer Petition <br />7:30 P.M. - Alexis Drive 1Uater Petition <br /> <br />LEGISLATIVE SESSION DAY 87-12 <br />APRIL 21, 1987 <br />A G E N D A <br />(REVISED) <br />1.. CALL TO ORDER <br />2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br />8:00 P.M. <br />3. OPENING PRAYER <br />4. PRESENTATION. OF PROCLAMA'PION -- "Remembrance of the Holocaust Victims" <br />5. CITIZEN INPUT. <br />6. CONSIDERATION OF PETITIONS <br />a. Agricultural Preservation Districts (Robert Galbreath; George D. <br />Wilson, Jr.; Marvin M. Linkous; Harford Game Limited Partnership; <br />Arthur Preston) <br />b. Route 40-Joppa Sewer Petition <br />c. Alexis Drive Water Petition <br />7. INTRODUCTION OF RESOLUTIONS <br />8. INTRODUCTION OF BILLS <br />a. No. 87-19 (Water and Sewer Connection Pee Surcharge) ~ j <br />i <br />9. INT RODUC 'ION OF AMENDMENTS <br />a. No. 1 to Bill No. 87-13 (Penalty for Delinquent Excise Taxes) <br />b. Nos. 1 & 2 to Bill NO. 87-8 (Motor Vehicle Filling and Service Stations) <br />c. Nos. 3 & 4 to Bill No. 87-8 ( ) <br />10. CALL FOR FINAL READING OF BILLS <br />11. OLD BUSINESS <br />a. Recommendation regarding Scarboro water problems --- TABLED <br />b. Other items regarding Scarboro landfill <br />12. NEW BUSINESS <br />a, Executive Appointments - Disabled Persons Review Board (6) <br />13. BUSINESS FROM THE PRESIDEN'P <br />14. BUSINESS FROM COUNCIL MEMBERS <br />15. COMMENTS FROM A'PTENDING CITIZENS <br />1~6. ADJOURNMENT <br />r <br />