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<br />COUNTY COUNCIL OF HARFORD COUNTY <br />October 16, 2007 <br />6:00 pm -Waste - to -Energy Facility <br />Public Hearing <br />7:45 pm - Bill No. 07-45 (Commission on Veterans' Affairs -Memberships) <br />LEGISLATIVE SESSION DAY 07-29 <br /> <br />October 16, 2007 <br />AGENDA <br />8:00 P.M. <br />1. CALL TO ORDER <br />2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br />3. OPENING PRAYER -Council Member Chenowith <br />4. PRESENTATION OF PROCLAMATIONS <br />5. CITIZEN INPUT <br />6. CONSIDERATION OF PETITIONS AND APPLICATIONS <br />7. SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS <br />a. Board of Education -Update <br />8. - APPROVAL OF MINUTES -LSD (October 2, 2007); PH (October 2, 2007) <br />9. INTRODUCTION OF RESOLUTIONS <br />a. Resolution No. 21-07 (Glenn Heights Water Petition) - on Layover <br />b. Resolution No. 27-07 (Terms of Bond Sale) <br />10. INTRODUCTION OF BILLS <br />a. Bill No: 07-47 (Zoning -Landfill Buffers) <br />b. Bill No. 07-48 (Appropriation of Funds -States Attorney's Office) <br />11. INTRODUCTION OF AMENDMENTS <br />12. CALL FOR FINAL READING OF BILLS <br />13. ENROLLMENT OF BILLS <br />14. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />a. Rules of Procedure <br />15. NEW BUSINESS <br />a. Peoples Counsel & Associate People's Counsel Contracts <br />b. Board of Education -Transfer of Funds <br />16. BUSINESS FROM THE PRESIDENT <br />17. BUSINESS FROM COUNCIL MEMBERS <br />18. COMMENTS FROM ATTENDING CITIZENS <br />19. ADJOURNMENT <br />******************************************************************************** <br />To request disability-related accommodations, please call 410-638-3343 or 430-638-3491 (TTY) <br />This document is available in alternative format upon request. <br /> <br />NEXT LEGISLATIVE SESSION <br />November 6, 2007 <br />